La Loggia


A breathtaking loft

Staying in the Loggia is like being on the deck of a ship, but instead of being under the sea, you are in the city of Florence.

The Loggia dominates the whole city and its finest monuments thanks to large windows surrounding the loft on its three sides. 

From the south east to south west of the loft, you can admire the church of San Miniato, the Michelangelo’s Forte Belvedere, the tower of the Bargello, the church of the Badia and the Palazzo della Signoria, then you can move your eyes to admire the dome of Brunelleschi and the Bell Tower of Giotto, ending with the hills of Fiesole located on the north side of the loft.

The view and light are simply breathtaking. You are surrounded by so much beauty that you can breathe differently and live with a complete awareness. It is the perfect place to enjoy reading, listening to good music as it is very peaceful and quiet. You can at the same time be immersed in the intense everyday life of Florence and discover the masterpieces of the most artistic city in the world.


In the heart of Florence

La loggia is located in the heart of Florence, a few minutes away from the main key places in the city, such as Uffizzi, the “Duomo di Firenze” or Bargello.